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Crisis Readiness Online Course by Voss & Associates


Crisis Readiness Online Course by Voss & Associates

David Voss
13245 Atlantic Blvd
Ste. 4-368
Jacksonville, FL 32225
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Phone Number (941) 650-4614
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Product Description
Communication can make or break success in your schools, especially while preventing or managing a crisis situation. It is the lifeblood leading to clarity, understanding and stronger support for your schools. Crisis Readiness is a three-hour course taught through engaging videos by Rick Kaufman, who personally led the Crisis Response Team during the Columbine tragedy, and David R. Voss, who has taught hundreds of educators on the art of communication. You learn skills on an engaging platform and finish with your very own Crisis Communication Plan. Order today at

Voss & Associates is a full-service marketing and communications company with its heart in education. From Strategic Communication Plans to personalized or online training, Voss & Associates provides the courses, materials, product, and guidance to give educators a stronger voice in this new age of marketplace competition.

We pass bond referendums, engage communities to build support, increase parent involvement, recruit teachers and market your district and schools in a positive light. We provide personal communications fitness training. We cut through the clutter for attention, creating focus on the cause. We teach clients how to deliver the message, regardless of the medium. We help you overcome fear of social media, tackle tough media interviews and make you a more powerful speaker. For more information, go to

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